Biological reconstruction after excision, irradiation and reimplantation of diaphyseal tibial tumours using an ipsilateral vascularised fibular graft

S. Mottard, R. J. Grimer, A. Abudu, S. R. Carter, R. M. Tillman, L. Jeys, D. Spooner


The purpose of this study was to assess the outcome of 15 patients (mean age 13.6 years (7 to 25)) with a primary sarcoma of the tibial diaphysis who had undergone excision of the affected segment that was then irradiated (90 Gy) and reimplanted with an ipsilateral vascularised fibular graft within it.

The mean follow-up was 57 months (22 to 99). The mean time to full weight-bearing was 23 weeks (9 to 57) and to complete radiological union 42.1 weeks (33 to 55). Of the 15 patients, seven required a further operation, four to obtain skin cover. The mean Musculoskeletal Society Tumor Society functional score at final follow-up was 27 out of 30 once union was complete. The functional results were comparable with those of allograft reconstruction and had a similar rate of complication.

We believe this to be a satisfactory method of biological reconstruction of the tibial diaphysis in selected patients.


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  • Received January 18, 2012.
  • Accepted April 10, 2012.
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